Photographing the House on Fire in Mule Canyon, Utah

House on Fire, Mule Canyon, UT
House on Fire, Mule Canyon, UT

The House on Fire ruin is another “must-shoot” site in Utah. The ruin is about 25 miles from Blanding. To find it, if you’re driving from the east on Highway 95 it’s the next right after mile marker 102; or N37° 32′ 38”, W109° 44′ 41”.

After paying your fee and parking in the small lot, you’ll hike west about 30 minutes down a wash. It was dry in December; I assume it runs during the wetter seasons. The pathway is marked with cairns and footprints. As long as you stay in the wash, it’s impossible to get lost. You can even hear traffic on the highway.

The ruin will be on your right and is best shot mid-morning or later. When I was there in December it was overcast; however there was enough light reflected off the base rock that I was able to capture the image above (with a little help from Lightroom).

I chose not to enter the ruins, but rather enjoyed them while seated on the slickrock base, and I encourage you to do the same to preserve their physical and spiritual integrity.

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